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How to Choose the Best Contractor: 4 Tips

So you’re ready to start a remodeling project? How exciting! And a little scary too, right? There are a lot of unknowns, and you’ve probably heard horror stories about jobs gone bad. After all, there are whole TV shows devoted to wrong choices in the contracting world! To avoid a pitfall, you need choose the best contractor for your project. The right contractor will make all the difference in a successful experience from start to finish.Read More

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Home Remodeling and Resale Value

Tired of your floors? Desperate for new countertops? Want to give your home a makeover? Go ahead! Investing in home remodeling can pay off big when it’s time to sell. Generally speaking, for every $1 invested, you’ll increase the value of your home 75¢. In other words, when you invest $10,000, you’ll boost your home’s value $7,500. Home remodeling may be one of the fastest ways to up your home’s value on the real estate market. But where should you spend your money?Read More

Arcadia Remodel

We are starting with a home built in the ’70s in the beautiful Arcadia district of Phoenix. This project is a full remodel.

Paradise Valley Remodel

Built on a mountain in the heart of Paradise Valley, renovating this concrete and masonry home will be tough. Once complete, this eclectic, old world home will have a very new world feel.